Investment Plan: Flipping or Renting

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We have learned through our Property Management experience that flipping properties rarely creates maximum wealth. To truly understand the value of an investment, you have to consider appreciation, tax benefits, debt reduction AND cash flow.
We have the tools to analyze an investment from all angles to determine what the long-term return is, regardless of the monthly payment.
Furthermore, by the end of your free initial portfolio planning meeting with Great Homes, you will feel 100% confident about how real estate fits into your overall financial investment plan, what type and quantity of properties you need in your portfolio, and the timeline for getting all the pieces in place.

And When Your Strategic Plan is Done?

Great Homes doesn’t just post your property on MLS and hope for the best. Our full service property management services include an aggressive marketing program. That generates more rental home demand than we can fill. Allowing us to be very selective about only putting the best tenants into a lease. Our robust tenant screening processes weed out the poor tenants and keep your home from sitting vacant. With GreatHomes, Managing you Portfolio is in capable, expert hands.

Sit down for free with one of our investment experts and learn what approach to real estate investing may be best for you. We would be glad to answer any questions you might have with no obligation whatsoever. Schedule it today by calling (480)-482-7300.